Modeling Elastic Wave Propagation Using $K$ -Space Operator-Based Temporal High-Order Staggered-Grid Finite-Difference Method

  title={Modeling Elastic Wave Propagation Using \$K\$ -Space Operator-Based Temporal High-Order Staggered-Grid Finite-Difference Method},
  author={Hanming Chen and Hui Zhou and Qingchen Zhang and Yangkang Chen},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
The traditional high-order staggered-grid finite-difference (SGFD) method has high-order accuracy in space, but only the second-order accuracy in time, which makes the traditional SGFD method suffer from a large temporal dispersion error during long-distance wave propagation. This paper develops temporal fourth- and sixth-order and spatial arbitrary evenorder SGFD schemes to model isotropic elastic wave propagation. The temporal high-order SGFD schemes have smaller temporal dispersion than the… CONTINUE READING


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