Modeling Eddy Current Brake Emissions for Electromagnetic Compatibility With Signaling Devices in High-Speed Railways

  title={Modeling Eddy Current Brake Emissions for Electromagnetic Compatibility With Signaling Devices in High-Speed Railways},
  author={D. Valderas and Iker Mesa and I. Adin and H. Lehmann and G. Lancaster and Oliver Stark and W. Baldauf and J. del Portillo},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology},
This paper presents a model that anticipates the emissions from eddy current brakes (ECBs) installed in high-speed trains. The emissions are computed in the 10 KHz–1.3 MHz range, where trackside signaling devices operate and issues related to electromagnetic compatibility have arisen, hindering ECB's promise of full deployment. The electromagnetic model provides a transfer function in the frequency domain between the nondesired harmonic currents produced by the train power supply and the… Expand
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