Modeling Contexts in Collaborative Environment: A New Approach


Context awareness, context sharing and context processing are key requirements for the future CSCW, HCI and Ubiquitous computing systems. However, research issues of collaborative context have not been completely addressed till now. While arguing that a generic context model is very important for building context-aware collaborative applications, this paper proposes a new semantic rich context modeling approach, Ontology for Contextual Collaborative Applications (OCCA), for collaborative environments. Based on OCCA, mechanisms for context query, context matching and collaboration awareness control are devised using semantic query and reasoning technology to support the three perspectives of a context model, i.e., information space, interaction space and collaboration control. We present an evaluation study on the features and performance of OCCA and context query services.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-72863-4_3

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