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Modeling Betatron Radiation Diagnostics for E-310 -- Trojan Horse

  title={Modeling Betatron Radiation Diagnostics for E-310 -- Trojan Horse},
  author={Monika Yadav and C. Hansel and Y. Zhuang and Brian Naranjo and Nathan Majernik and Aravinda Perera and Yasuo Sakai and G. Andonian and Oliver Aneurin Williams and Pratik Manwani and J. Resta-L{\'o}pez and Oznur Mete Apsimon and Carsten Peter Welsch and Bernhard Hidding and James Benjamin Rosenzweig},
The E-310 experiment at the Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests II (FACET-II) at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory aims to demonstrate the creation of high brightness beams from a plasma photocathode. Betatron radiation will be measured by a Compton spectrometer, currently under development at UCLA, to provide single-shot, nondestructive beam diagnostics. We give a brief overview of this spectrometer as well as double differential spectrum reconstruction from the… 

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