Modeling Anion Adsorption on Kaolinite.

  title={Modeling Anion Adsorption on Kaolinite.},
  author={Weerasooriya and Wickramarathna},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={213 2},
Anion adsorption onto kaolinite was quantified using the triple layer surface complexation model. Fluoride adsorption data were described by both anion exchange and H-bonded complexation mechanisms. The outer-sphere complexation mechanism was used to describe the weak adsorption of Cl-, Br-, and I- on kaolinite. The F- adsorption in the presence of Br- or I- was decreased over a range of pH 4-5 whereas Cl- showed a negligible effect. Competition for binding sites appeared to be an important… CONTINUE READING