Modeling 3D Facial Shape from DNA

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@inproceedings{Claes2014Modeling3F, title={Modeling 3D Facial Shape from DNA}, author={Peter Claes and Denise K. Liberton and Katleen Daniels and Kerri Matthes Rosana and Ellen E Quillen and Laurel N. Pearson and Brian P. McEvoy and Marc Bauchet and Arslan A. Zaidi and Wei Yao and Hua Tang and Gregory S Barsh and Devin M Absher and David Andrew Puts and Jorge Rocha and Sandra S Beleza and Rinaldo Wellerson Pereira and Gareth Baynam and Paul Suetens and Dirk Vandermeulen and Jennifer K Wagner and James S. Boster and Mark D . Shriver}, booktitle={PLoS genetics}, year={2014} }