Modeling, Identification and Control of Model Jet Engines for Jet Powered Robotics

  title={Modeling, Identification and Control of Model Jet Engines for Jet Powered Robotics},
  author={Giuseppe L’Erario and Luca Fiorio and Gabriele Nava and Fabio Bergonti and Hosameldin Awadalla Omer Mohamed and Silvio Traversaro and Daniele Pucci},
  journal={IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters},
The paper contributes towards the modeling, identification, and control of model jet engines. We propose a nonlinear, second order model in order to capture the model jet engines governing dynamics. The model structure is identified by applying sparse identification of nonlinear dynamics, and then the parameters of the model are found via gray-box identification procedures. Once the model has been identified, we approached the control of the model jet engine by designing two control laws. The… 
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