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Modeling, Chaining and Fusion of Uncertain Knowledge

  title={Modeling, Chaining and Fusion of Uncertain Knowledge},
  author={Helmut Th{\"o}ne and Ulrich G{\"u}ntzer and Werner Kie{\ss}ling},
  • Helmut Thöne, Ulrich Güntzer, Werner Kießling
  • Published in DASFAA 1995
  • Computer Science
  • A method of boring holes in the ground, which holes are open at both ends, includes forming an open-ended pilot bore by means of a first self-propelled displacement hammer of smaller diameter. Next a cable is introduced through the pilot bore and then the diameter of the pilot bore is increased to form the hole by means of a second displacement hammer of greater diameter. The second displacement hammer is guided through the pilot bore by pulling it with the cable which for this purpose is… CONTINUE READING

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