Model of heat diffusion in the outer crust of bursting neutron stars

  title={Model of heat diffusion in the outer crust of bursting neutron stars},
  author={Dmitry Yakovlev and Alexander D. Kaminker and Alexander Y. Potekhin and Paweł Haensel},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We study heat diffusion after an energy release in a deep spherical layer of the outer neutron star crust (107 ≲ ρ ≲ 4 × 1011 g cm−3). We demonstrate that this layer possesses specific heat-accumulating properties, absorbing heat and directing it mostly inside the star. It can absorb up to ∼1043–1044 erg due to its high heat capacity, until its temperature exceeds T ∼ 3 × 109 K and triggers a rapid neutrino cooling. A warm layer (T ∼ 108–3 × 109 K) can serve as a good heat reservoir, which is… Expand
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