Model-independent determination of the strong-phase difference between D0 and D⊃̄0→KS,L0h+h- (h=π, K) and its impact on the measurement of the CKM angle γ/Φ3

  title={Model-independent determination of the strong-phase difference between D0 and D⊃̄0→KS,L0h+h- (h=π, K) and its impact on the measurement of the CKM angle γ/Φ3},
  author={L. Z. Liao and Mihajlo Kornicer and Reginald Eugene Mitchell and Matthew Randall Shepherd and C. M. Tarbert and David Z. Besson and Todd Kristofer Pedlar and J{\'u}lio S{\'e}rgio Vieira Xavier and D. Cronin Hennessy and Juhana Hietala and Peter Zweber and Sean Dobbs and Z. V. Metreveli and Kamal Kishore Seth and Amiran Tomaradze and Ti-Jun Xiao and Stuart Brisbane and V. Krutelyov and Lockheed Martin and Alexander M. Powell and P. Spradlin and Themistocles Bowcock and H{\'e}ctor Quijano M{\'e}ndez and Jin Yan Ge and Dallas Howard Miller and Ian P. J. Shipsey and X. Y. Shen and Gary Steven Adams and Danqing Hu and B. Moziak and James Justin Napolitano and Karl Matthew Ecklund and Jonathan Insler and Hiroyuki Muramatsu and Chul Won Park and Leonie J. Pearson and Edward H. Thorndike and Frank J. Yang and S{\'e}bastien Ricciardi and Christopher Edward Thomas and Marina Artuso and Josue Molina Rodriguez and Nomvuyo Horwitz and Raymond D. Mountain and T. Skwarnicki and Sidney N. Stone and J. Christina Wang and Liu Zhang and Ph. Ghez and Gianni Bonvicini and David Cinabro and Andy Lincoln and Michelle J. Smith and Panyue Zhou and Jiujiang Zhu and Prasad A. Naik and Jonas Rademacker and David Mark Asner and Kasper Edwards and Koloina A. Randrianarivony and Grigor Tatishvili and Roy Anthony Briere and Hanspeter Vogel and P. U. E. Onyisi and Jonathan L. Rosner and Joel A. Cassel and Shubhankar Das and Robert Ehrlich and Lori L Fields and Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons and S. W. Gray D. L. Hartill and Brian Keith Heltsley and David Louis Kreinick and Valerie J. Peterson and David Leon Riley and Anders Ryd and Andy J. Shi and Werner Man-Li Sun and John M. Yelton and Pavel L'vovich Rubin and Nicola Lowrey and Shahen Mehrabyan and Mats Anton Selen and James E Wiss},
We report the first determination of the relative strong-phase difference between D0→KS,L0K+K- and D 0→KS,L0K+K-. In addition, we present updated measurements of the relative strong-phase difference between D0→KS,L0π+π- and D 0→KS,L0π+π-. Both measurements exploit the quantum coherence between a pair of D0 and D 0 mesons produced from ψ(3770) decays. The strong-phase differences measured are important for determining the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle γ/ϕ3 in B-→K-D˜0 decays, where D˜0 is a D0… CONTINUE READING

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