Model for large-area monolayer coverage of polystyrene nanospheres by spin coating

  title={Model for large-area monolayer coverage of polystyrene nanospheres by spin coating},
  author={Abhishek Chandramohan and Nikolai V Sibirev and Vladimir G Dubrovskii and Michael C. Petty and Andrew Gallant and Dagou A. Zeze},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Nanosphere lithography, an inexpensive and high throughput technique capable of producing nanostructure (below 100 nm feature size) arrays, relies on the formation of a monolayer of self-assembled nanospheres, followed by custom-etching to produce nanometre size features on large-area substrates. A theoretical model underpinning the self-ordering process by centrifugation is proposed to describe the interplay between the spin speed and solution concentration. The model describes the deposition… CONTINUE READING


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