Model connectors for integrated simulations of urban wastewater systems


In order to perform simulations of the integrated wastewater system, state variables of sub-system models (sewer, activated sludge, river) must be translated from one model to the other. A connector between ASM1 (Henze et al. 2000) and RWQM1 (Shanahan et al. 2001) is described in this paper to introduce the general approach developed to overcome this necessity. Inherent features of this connector are its closed elemental mass balances. The COD fractions of ASM1 have been split over the COD fractions of RWQM1, while balance terms were used to close elemental balances. Also the different environmental conditions in the systems (activated sludge, sewer and river) have been taken into account. An evaluation of the influence of several connector and model parameters on connector balance terms and outputs has been performed. Some results of a case study concerning the river Lambro (Italy) are described to show an application of such model connection approach.

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