Model completeness results for expansions of the ordered field of real numbers by restricted Pfaffian functions and the exponential function

  title={Model completeness results for expansions of the ordered field of real numbers by restricted Pfaffian functions and the exponential function},
  author={A. J. Wilkie},
  journal={Journal of the American Mathematical Society},
  • A. Wilkie
  • Published 1996
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Recall that a subset of R is called semi-algebraic if it can be represented as a (finite) boolean combination of sets of the form {~ α ∈ R : p(~ α) = 0}, {~ α ∈ R : q(~ α) > 0} where p(~x), q(~x) are n-variable polynomials with real coefficients. A map from R to R is called semi-algebraic if its graph, considered as a subset of R, is so. The geometry of such sets and maps (“semi-algebraic geometry”) is now a widely studied and flourishing subject that owes much to the foundational work in the… Expand
Whitney stratification of sets definable in the structure $ℝ_{exp}$
The aim of this paper is to prove that every subset of R definable from addition, multiplication and exponentiation admits a stratification satisfying Whitney’s conditions a) and b). 1.Expand
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A first-order axiomatization of expansions of R by a dense multiplicative subgroup which is a subset of the real algebraic numbers, and a connection between the theory of Diophantine approximation and this structure is developed. Expand
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In this paper, we combine classical techniques of model theory of p-adic subanalytic sets with results of tropical analytic geometry to obtain a result of effective model-completeness. We considerExpand
On the decidability of the p-adic exponential ring
Let Zp be the ring of p-adic integers and Ep be the map x-->exp(px) where exp denotes the exponential map determined by the usual power series. It defines an exponential ring (Zp, + , . , 0, 1, Ep).Expand
1 Locally tame functions
In his proof of the model completeness of the real exponential field ([7]), the second author develops a theory of Noetherian differential rings of de-finable functions, and studies varieties definedExpand
Model theory of holomorphic functions
This thesis is concerned with a conjecture of Zilber: that the complex field expanded with the exponential function should be `quasi-minimal'; that is, all its definable subsets should be countableExpand
Expansions of the Real Field with Power Functions
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  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Ann. Pure Appl. Log.
  • 1994
It is shown that the (O-minimal) theory of the ordered field of real numbers augmented by all restricted analytic functions and all real power functions admits elimination of quantifiers and has a universal axiomatization. Expand
Geometry, calculus and Zil'ber's conjecture
The main result is recovery of an algebraic and later differentiable structure from a topological data, the Trichotomy Theorem, which states that under these assumptions every definable subset of R can be partitioned into finitely many definable manifolds-like sets with respect to R. Expand
Definable functions in tame expansions of algebraically closed valued fields
In this article we study definable functions in tame expansions of algebraically closed valued fields. For a given definable function we have two types of results: type (I), which hold in aExpand
An effective version of Wilkie's theorem of the complement and some effective o-minimality results
An effective version of Wilkie's theorem of the complement is proved, so in particular given an expansion of the ordered field R with finitely many C∞ functions, if there are uniform and computable upper bounds on the number of connected components of quantifier free definable sets, then there are Uniform and computables bounds for all definable Sets. Expand


A generalization of the Tarski-Seidenberg theorem, and some nondefinability results
This article points out some remarkable facts implicit in the results of Lojasiewicz [LI] and Gabrielov [Ga]. An important consequence of Tarski's work [T] on the elementary theory of the reals is aExpand
On the Elementary Theory of Restricted Elementary Functions
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  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1988
Every formula ϕ in the natural language of ( R RE, constants) is equivalent to an existential formula with the extra property that for each x ∈ R m such that ϕ ( x ) is true in R RE there is exactly one y ∉ R n such thatψ ( x, y ) istrue in RRE . Expand
This paper introduces and begins the study of a well-behaved class of linearly ordered structures, the ¢minimal structures. The definition of this class and the corresponding class of theories, theExpand
Remarks on Tarski's problem concerning (R, +, *, exp)
Publisher Summary The chapter presents the elementary theory of the structure (R , + , .), and the results could be extended to the structure (R, +, ., exp). Some aspects of on (R , + , .) areExpand
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Publisher Summary There are several methods to solve a decidability problem. The elimination of quantifiers is proved in the chapter. This method has the advantage that only the standard model needsExpand
A Decision Method For Elementary Algebra And Geometry
By a decision method for a class K of sentence (or other expressions) is meant a method by means of which, given any sentence θ, one can always decide in a finite number of steps whether θ is in K;Expand
Definable sets in ordered structures
On introduit la notion de theorie O-minimale des structures ordonnees, une telle theorie etant telle que les sous-ensembles definissables de ses modeles soient particulierement simples
adic and real subanalytic sets
  • Ann. of Math
  • 1988
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