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Model atmospheres broad-band colors, bolometric corrections and temperature calibrations for O-M stars (vol 333, pg 231, 1998)

  title={Model atmospheres broad-band colors, bolometric corrections and temperature calibrations for O-M stars (vol 333, pg 231, 1998)},
  author={Bessell and Francesco Castelli and Bertrand Plez},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
Model atmospheres broad-band colors, bolometric corrections and temperature calibrations for O-M stars (vol 333, pg 231, 1998) 
Abundances in Individual Stars of the Galactic Bulge
Element ratios in two stars of NGC 6553 and one star in NGC 6528 reveal that α-elements are enhanced relative to Fe. The metallicity [Fe/H] ≈ −0.6, but taking into account the overabundances of
Photometric methods for stellar parameter determinations
A star's effective temperature, effective gravity and metallicity is reflected in its energy distribution and line spectrum. Standard photometric systems have been devised to measure these stellar
Sodium in the atmospheres of thick-disk red giants
The atmospheric parameters and elemental abundances for ten thick-disk red giants have been determined from high-resolution spectra by the method of model stellar atmospheres. The results of a
The BINSYN Program Package
The BINSYN program package, recently expanded to calculate synthetic spectra of cataclysmic variables, is being further extended to include synthetic photometry of ordinary binary stars in addition
The important role of stellar atmosphere spectra for a consistent spectrophotometric calibration from the optical to the infrared wavelengths
We discuss the role of stellar atmosphere models in the spectrophotometric calibration pedigree. It is shown that stellar atmosphere spectra form an essential ingredient for spectrophotometric
The Cosmic Production of Helium
This work estimates the cosmic production rate of helium relative to metals using K dwarf stars in the Hipparcos catalog with accurate spectroscopic metallicities using ΔY/ΔZ = 2.1 ± 0.4 at the 68% confidence level.
Stellar Structure and Evolution: Deductions from Hipparcos
▪ Abstract During the last decade, the understanding of fine features of the structure and evolution of stars has become possible as a result of enormous progress made in the acquisition of high-qu...
Sequences of Nearby Open Clusters with Hipparcos
Accurate mean Hipparcos parallaxes of the Pleiades, Praesepe and Coma Ber have been used to compare their observationnal main sequences with theoretical ZAMS in the colour-magnitude diagram. The aim
Chemical composition of the atmospheres of red giants with high space velocities
The results of a comparative analysis of the elemental abundances in the atmospheres of 14 red giants with high Galactic space velocities are presented. For almost all of the chemical elements
Discovery of a low-mass brown dwarf companion of the young nearby star G 196-3
The separation between the objects and their mass ratio suggest the fragmentation of a collapsing cloud as the most likely origin for G 196-3B, but alternatively it could have originated from a protoplanetary disc that has been dissipated.


The Bottom of the Main Sequence — And Beyond
I Modelling Very Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs.- The Quiet Lives of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs.- Luminosity Functions and the Mass Function.- The Evolution of Low-Mass Stars.- The
Stellar Atmospheres: Beyond Classical Models
Section 1..- Recent Advances in Computational Methods.- Acceleration of Convergence.- Fast Solution of Radiative Transfer Problems with a Multi-Grid Method.- Line Blanketing without LTE: Simple and
Astrophysical Data : Planets and Stars
This volume collects reference information for astronomers and astrophysicists, ranging from fundamental physical constants to orbital data for selected asteroids. For the Earth and planets, it
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