Model-Based Dynamic Self-Righting Maneuvers for a Hexapedal Robot


We report on the design and analysis of a controller that can achieve dynamical self-righting of our hexapedal robot, RHex. Motivated by the initial success of an empirically tuned controller, we present a feedback controller based on a saggital plane model of the robot. We also extend this controller to develop a hybrid pumping strategy that overcomes… (More)
DOI: 10.1177/0278364904045594


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@article{Saranli2004ModelBasedDS, title={Model-Based Dynamic Self-Righting Maneuvers for a Hexapedal Robot}, author={Uluc Saranli and Alfred A. Rizzi and Daniel E. Koditschek}, journal={I. J. Robotics Res.}, year={2004}, volume={23}, pages={903-918} }