Model Based Aircraft Control System Design and Simulation

  • Raghu Chaitanya.M.V, Mehdi Tarkian, Christopher Jouannet
  • Published 2009


Development of modern aircraft has become more and more expensive and time consuming. In order to minimize the development cost, an improvement of the conceptual design phase is needed. The desired goal of the project is to enhance the functionality of an in house produced framework conducted at the department of machine design, consisting of parametric models representing a large variety of aircraft concepts. The first part of the work consists of the construction of geometric aircraft control surfaces such as flaps, aileron, rudder and elevator parametrically in CATIA V5. The second part of the work involves designing and simulating an Inverse dynamic model in Dymola software. An Excel interface has been developed between CATIA and Dymola. Parameters can be varied in the interface as per user specification; these values are sent to CATIA or Dymola and vice versa. The constructed concept model of control surfaces has been tested for different aircraft shapes and layout. The simulation has been done in Dymola for the control surfaces.

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