Mode-equalized distributed Raman amplification in 137-km few-mode fiber

  title={Mode-equalized distributed Raman amplification in 137-km few-mode fiber},
  author={Roland Ryf and Alberto P{\'e}rez Sierra and R.-J. Essiambre and Sebastian Randel and A. H. Gnauck and Cristian A. Bolle and Marieh Esmaeelpour and P. J. Winzer and Roger Delbue and P. Pupalaikise and Anirudh Sureka and Dave W. Peckham and Alan H. McCurdy and Robert J. Lingle},
  journal={2011 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication},
We experimentally demonstrate 8 dB of mode-equalized distributed Raman gain using a backward pumping scheme. The equivalent noise figure of the amplifier is −1.5 dB, and the amplifier was successfully employed to demonstrate 6-channel mode-multiplexed MIMO transmission over 137-km few-mode fiber. 

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