Mode conversion from quantized to propagating spin waves in a rhombic antidot lattice supporting spin wave nanochannels

  title={Mode conversion from quantized to propagating spin waves in a rhombic antidot lattice supporting spin wave nanochannels},
  author={Silvia Tacchi and Bernhard Botters and Marco Madami and Jarosław W. Kłos and M. L. Sokolovskyy and Maciej Krawczyk and Gianluca Gubbiotti and Giovanni Carlotti and Adekunle Olusola Adeyeye and Sebastian Neusser and Dirk Grundler},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We report spin wave excitations in a nanopatterned antidot lattice fabricated from a 30-nm thick Ni80Fe20 film. The 250-nm-wide circular holes are arranged in a rhombic unit cell with a lattice constant of 400 nm. By Brillouin light scattering, we find that quantized spin wave modes transform to propagating ones and vice versa by changing the in-plane orientation of the applied magnetic field H by 30∘. Spin waves of either negative or positive group velocity are found. In the latter case, they… 
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