Mode and timing of body pattern formation (Regionalization) in the early embryonic development of cyclorrhaphic dipterans (Protophormia, Drosophila)

  title={Mode and timing of body pattern formation (Regionalization) in the early embryonic development of cyclorrhaphic dipterans (Protophormia, Drosophila)},
  author={Werner Herth and Klaus Sander},
  journal={Wilhelm Roux' Archiv f{\"u}r Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen},
1. Eggs of the blowflyProtophormia spec. were separated into anterior and posterior fragments of varying sizes. The operations were carried out between oviposition and the blastoderm stage. The partial larvae produced by the fragments were scored for the cuticular pattern they had formed. 2. The cuticle of the 1st instar larva carries 11 denticle belts which correspond to the anterior borders of the thoracic and abdominal body segments. These are considered the elements of a linear longitudinal… CONTINUE READING
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