Mode Localization in the Cooperative Dynamics of Protein Recognition

  title={Mode Localization in the Cooperative Dynamics of Protein Recognition},
  author={Jeremy Copperman and Marina G Guenza},
  journal={Biophysical Journal},
The biological function of proteins is encoded in their structure and expressed through the mediation of their dynamics. But how do the random thermal motions of a folded protein in the picosecond timescale propagate to become emergent biological processes? Our approach is a novel theoretical method, the Langevin Equation for Protein Dynamics (LE4PD), which takes the structural ensemble of a protein as input and projects the dynamics analytically. Both simulation-derived and experimental NMR… 
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Identifying the leading dynamics of ubiquitin: A comparison between the tICA and the LE4PD slow fluctuations in amino acids' position.
This work compares the tICA modes' predictions with the collective LE4PD-XYZ modes, and observes that the two methods consistently identify the nature and extension of the slowest fluctuation processes.
Comparison between slow, anisotropic LE4PD fluctuations and the Principal Component Analysis modes of Ubiquitin
It is observed that the inclusion of free-energy barriers and hydrodynamic interactions has important effects on the identification and timescales of ubiquitin’s slow modes.


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