Mode Division Multiplexing Using Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Over 1.4-km Ring Core Fiber

  title={Mode Division Multiplexing Using Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Over 1.4-km Ring Core Fiber},
  author={Reza Mirzaei Nejad and Karen Allahverdyan and P. Vaity and Siamak Amiralizadeh and Charles Brunet and Youn{\`e}s Messaddeq and Sophie Larochelle and Leslie Ann Rusch},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
Mode division multiplexing (MDM) systems using orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes can recover the data in D different modes without recourse to full (2D × 2D) multiple input multiple output (MIMO) processing. One of the biggest challenges in OAM-MDM systems is the mode instability following fiber propagation. Previously, MIMO-free OAM-MDM data transmission with two modes over 1.1 km of vortex fiber was demonstrated, where optical polarization demultiplexing was employed in the setup. We… Expand

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