Modal method for conical diffraction by slanted lamellar gratings.


Slanted lamellar gratings made of dielectric materials are considered, used in conical diffraction mounts. We extend the modal method for slanted lamellar gratings from classical to conical incidence, develop fully generalized Fresnel matrices, and derive energy conservation relations for these matrices. Using the method, we verified a uniaxial crystal model for slanted lamellar gratings in a homogenization regime, examined the effects of grating symmetry on the maximum reflectance of Fano resonances, and showed that slanted lamellar gratings support Fano resonances despite the homogenization of their other optical properties.

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@article{Campbell2009ModalMF, title={Modal method for conical diffraction by slanted lamellar gratings.}, author={Samuel George Campbell and Lindsay C. Botten and Ross C. McPhedran and C. Martijn de Sterke}, journal={Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision}, year={2009}, volume={26 4}, pages={938-48} }