Modal Propagation and Crosstalk Analysis in Coupled Graphene Nanoribbons

  title={Modal Propagation and Crosstalk Analysis in Coupled Graphene Nanoribbons},
  author={Rodolfo Araneo and Paolo Burghignoli and Giampiero Lovat and George W. Hanson},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility},
A full-wave analysis of the fundamental quasi-TEM modes supported by multiple graphene nanoribbons above a ground plane is presented, aimed at characterizing crosstalk in graphene multiconductor lines. A method-of-moments discretization of the relevant electric-field integral equation is performed. Assuming first a local scalar conductivity, an efficient spatial-domain approach with subsectional basis functions is assuming first a local scalar conductivity, a spatial-domain approach with… CONTINUE READING


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