Mock Theta Functions and Quantum Modular Forms

  title={Mock Theta Functions and Quantum Modular Forms},
  author={Amanda Folsom and Ken Ono and Robert C. Rhoades and amanda. folsom},
Ramanujan’s last letter to Hardy concerns the asymptotic properties of modular forms and his ‘mock theta functions’. For the mock theta function f (q), Ramanujan claims that as q approaches an even-order 2k root of unity, we have f (q)− (−1)(1− q)(1− q)(1− q) · · · (1− 2q+ 2q − · · ·)= O(1). We prove Ramanujan’s claim as a special case of a more general result. The implied constants in Ramanujan’s claim are not mysterious. They arise in Zagier’s theory of ‘quantum modular forms’. We provide… CONTINUE READING
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