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Mock Lightcones and Theory Friendly Catalogs for the CANDELS Survey

  title={Mock Lightcones and Theory Friendly Catalogs for the CANDELS Survey},
  author={Rachel S Somerville and Charlotte Olsen and L. Y. Aaron Yung and Camilla Pacifici and Henry C. Ferguson and Peter Behroozi and Shannon Osborne and Risa H. Wechsler and Viraj Pandya and S. M. Faber and Joel R. Primack and Avishai Dekel},
We present mock catalogs created to support the interpretation of the CANDELS survey. We extract halos along past lightcones from the Bolshoi Planck dissipationless N-body simulations and populate these halos with galaxies using two different independently developed semi-analytic models of galaxy formation and the empirical model UniverseMachine. Our mock catalogs have geometries that encompass the footprints of observations associated with the five CANDELS fields. In order to allow field-to… 


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