Mobilyzer: An Open Platform for Controllable Mobile Network Measurements


Mobile Internet availability, performance and reliability have remained stubbornly opaque since the rise of cellular data access. Conducting network measurements can give us insight into user-perceived network conditions, but doing so requires careful consideration of device state and efficient use of scarce resources. Existing approaches address these concerns in ad-hoc ways. In this work we propose <i>Mobilyzer</i>, a platform for conducting mobile network measurement experiments in a principled manner. Our system is designed around three key principles: network measurements from mobile devices require tightly controlled access to the network interface to provide isolation; these measurements can be performed efficiently using a global view of available device resources and experiments; and distributing the platform as a library to existing apps provides the incentives and low barrier to adoption necessary for large-scale deployments. We describe our current design and implementation, and illustrate how it provides measurement isolation for applications, efficiently manages measurement experiments and enables a new class of experiments for the mobile environment.

DOI: 10.1145/2742647.2742670

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