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Mobilization For Youth: A Revolution in Youth Work

  title={Mobilization For Youth: A Revolution in Youth Work},
  author={Shaina Beth Abraham and St Bede and Jessica Jerney and Misty Schomberg},
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Just Say No: Dr Richard I. Evans Efforts to Influence Juvenile Behaviour through US Public Health Programming
  • Emily Vinson
  • Medicine
    VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture
  • 2020
The place health-focused programming held in the United States’ educational television landscape and the role of Dr Richard I. Evans, social-psychology researcher, who sought to use television to influence the behaviours of youths engaging in “risky” activities are examined.


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The Youth Development Handbook: Coming of Age in American Communities
Foreword Preface INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT? 1. Principles for Youth Development - Stephen F. Hamilton, Mary Agnes Hamilton (both of Cornell University), & Karen Johnson Pittman
Create a Crisis and Pray
ABSTRACT This is the second of three narrative interviews conducted with Richard Cloward. This interview covers Cloward's work at Mobilization for Youth, his anti-poverty efforts, relationship with
History & Culture
  • Sociology
  • 2003
Ironies of Urban Reform
This conundrum generated insightful ironies involving the use of social scientists and other elite professionals as agents of urban reform. These ironies will be explored in this article. The word
Mobilization for Youth Papers
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