Mobility-aware charger deployment for wireless rechargeable sensor networks

  title={Mobility-aware charger deployment for wireless rechargeable sensor networks},
  author={Te-Chuan Chiu and Yuan-Yao Shih and Ai-Chun Pang and Jeu-Yih Jeng and Pi-Cheng Hsiu},
  journal={2012 14th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS)},
Wireless charging technology is considered as one of the promising solutions to solve the energy limitation problem for large-scale wireless sensor networks. Obviously, charger deployment is a critical issue since the number of chargers would be limited by the network construction budget, which makes the full-coverage deployment of chargers infeasible. In many of the applications targeted by large-scale wireless sensor networks, end-devices are usually equipped by the human and their movement… CONTINUE READING