Mobility-aware MAC protocol for delay-sensitive wireless sensor networks


Most of the MAC protocols proposed for the wireless sensor networks (WSN) assume sensor nodes to be static and therefore they usually fail or provide very bad network performance in mobile sensor networks. Since WSN mobile applications have become popular nowadays, there is a need for MAC protocols that consider mobility. In this paper, we propose a… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/ICUMT.2009.5345591


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@article{ElHameed2009MobilityawareMP, title={Mobility-aware MAC protocol for delay-sensitive wireless sensor networks}, author={Shereen Abd El-Hameed and Hossam Faheem and Eman Shaaban and Said Ghoneimy}, journal={2009 International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications & Workshops}, year={2009}, pages={1-8} }