Mobile robots for offshore inspection and manipulation

  title={Mobile robots for offshore inspection and manipulation},
  author={Matthias Bengel and Kai Pfeiffer and Birgit Graf and Alexander Bubeck and Alexander W. Verl},
  journal={2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems},
  • Matthias BengelK. Pfeiffer A. Verl
  • Published 10 October 2009
  • Computer Science, Business
  • 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
This paper analyzes the potential to apply mobile service robots in offshore oil and gas producing environments. The required hardware and software components and abilities of such a mobile offshore inspection and manipulation robot are presented in this paper. 

Scalable Modular Multi-Agent Robotic System on Ad-hoc Pathways for Automation in Large Spaces

Doctoral Thesis in Mechanical Engineering, branch of Management and Industrial Robotics, submitted to the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra

A Mobile Service Robot for Industrial Applications

The result is a mobile service robot able to face changeable conditions as well as unexpected situations and different kinds of manipulation tasks in industrial environments.

Design considerations for mobile offshore Oil & Gas inspection robots

Operations on offshore Oil & Gas platforms involve a high risk of accidents. Tasks have to be performed around the clock, in all kinds of weather. In order to increase safety, companies are obliged

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This paper presents a novel concept for remote inspection and maintenance operations on next generation normally-unmanned offshore oil platforms. The concept is presented through the design of a

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This work introduces a novel online motion planning approach for mobile robots to perform predictive trajectory planning in dynamic environments and proposes a general concept of a networked system architecture for cooperative multi-robot navigation in industrial applications.

A step-wise approach to oil and gas robotics

Abstract Developing a reliable and intelligent robotic system which enables the remote operation of normally unmanned oil and gas facilities requires innovative and novel technical solutions. Our

Robot automation in oil and gas facilities: Indoor and onsite demonstrations

An overview of the current trends and challenges within the oil and gas industry is presented and the world's first prototype of a robot performing automatic scraper handling in real operational environments is presented.

SCALA: Scalable Modular Rail based Multi-agent Robotic System for Fine Manipulation over Large Workspaces

In this article, SCALA, a novel framework for robots that move on modular ad-hoc dedicated rails is presented, the goal is to have several agents moving simultaneously and rapidly on these scaffolds, with excellent positional accuracy.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot For Refinery Inspection

  • Computer Science
  • 2010
This paper focuses on the use of WiFi for communicating with and localizing the robot in an oil and gas refinery and the algorithms implemented are tested in real world scenarios with the robot developed and results are promising.



Industrial mobile robots: the future

Presents the state‐of‐the‐art in industrial mobile robotics within Europe and how the future industrial requirements can best be satisfied. States that the focus for the development of mobile robotic

Cooperative Service Robots for the Predictive Maintenance of Process Plants

In this contribution we outline a new project in the field of service robotics. The goal is to develop teams of mobile robots that perform routine inspection, health monitoring, and early fault

Robotic mapping: a survey

This article provides a comprehensive introduction into the field of robotic mapping, with a focus on indoor mapping. It describes and compares various probabilistic techniques, as they are presently

Elastic bands: connecting path planning and control

  • Sean QuinlanO. Khatib
  • Engineering
    [1993] Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 1993
Elastic bands are proposed as the basis for a framework to close the gap between global path planning and real-time sensor-based robot control, enabling the robot to accommodate uncertainties and react to unexpected and moving obstacles.

Care-O-bot II—Development of a Next Generation Robotic Home Assistant

Two demonstrator platforms for a robotic home assistant—called Care-O-bot—were designed and implemented at Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart and a new method for sensor based manipulation using a tilting laser scanner and camera integrated in the head of the robot has been implemented.

Mirrobot: Fast Detection of Body-Parts in the Scale-Space of Range Images with an Application to Human Motion Copying

  • J. KubackiUlrich Reiser
  • Computer Science
    ROMAN 2006 - The 15th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
  • 2006
A novel approach to fast detection of human body-parts that relates the idea of scale-space to range images and is aimed to initialize more sophisticated human kinematics estimators and can be enhanced with known face or hand detectors based on color or grey-level imaging sensors.

Dependability of Mobile Robots in Direct Interaction with Humans

Remotely operated vehicles

Robot Motion Planning

Products & Services. TALON Military Robots, EOD, SWORDS, and Hazmat Robots

  • Products & Services. TALON Military Robots, EOD, SWORDS, and Hazmat Robots
  • 2007