[Mobile health for public health in Peru: lessons learned].


Mobile communication technologies have become more prevalent in developed and developing countries. These coun- tries -including Peru- are becoming an ideal setting where mobile health (mHealth) projects can provide better health services. The reviewed literature shows that the mHealth interventions have enormous potential to improve access and the quality of health services, increasing the effectiveness of public health programs and reducing healthcare costs. It is noticeable that these projects have a positive impact; however, despite the current information, more research is needed to understand mHealth in-depth. These projects are the foundation for future health policies that will help the Peruvian health system to be more inclusive and more effective.

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@article{Ruiz2015MobileHF, title={[Mobile health for public health in Peru: lessons learned].}, author={Eloy F. Ruiz and Alvaro Proa{\~n}o and Oscar J Ponce and Walter H. Curioso}, journal={Revista peruana de medicina experimental y salud publica}, year={2015}, volume={32 2}, pages={364-72} }