Mobile Work Environment for Grid Users. Grid Applications' Framework

  title={Mobile Work Environment for Grid Users. Grid Applications' Framework},
  author={Michal Kosiedowski and Miroslaw Kupczyk and Rafal Lichwala and Norbert Meyer and Bartek Palak and Marcin Pl{\'o}ciennik and Pawel Wolniewicz and Stefano Beco},
  booktitle={International Conference on Computational Science},
In this article we aim to describe a project developing of the Migrating Desktop infrastructure for mobile users. This functionality refers to the work environment of the users who very often change their location. The user interface called the Migrating Desktop, or grid desktop, is a very useful environment that accomplishes an integrated set of services and real applications, which could be run on the grid. We introduce a framework for improving the grid application launching. The possibility… CONTINUE READING

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