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Mobile Solution for Metropolitan Crime Detection and Reporting

  title={Mobile Solution for Metropolitan Crime Detection and Reporting},
  author={Millicent Akotam Agangiba},
The proliferation of computational capabilities of mobile handheld devices has made them a viable medium for carrying out a wide range of activities, involving information exchange. One new area where mobile technology is gaining great usefulness in society is crime detection and reporting. One major problem hindering crime detection and reporting is lack of efficient communication platform between the police and the general public: the general public and the police lack a common platform for… 

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Using cloud, this work will try to make all the information related to the criminals available on the Android Application to the police during their investigation which would speed-up the entire process of tracking down the criminals.

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In the proposed system, users can register to this application and can give the detailed report of crimes that happened and actions taken by police can be viewed by the admin and user.

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The approach finds usage not only in fighting crime but also an effective means to replace the GPS setup currently used in transport vehicles which in addition will save lots of money.

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An approach to prevent crime by applying a well-defined algorithm which makes use of a mathematical expression which calculates the probability of a criminal doing a crime in a particular area based on the previous records.

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This paper proposes an online reporting system that leverages Identity-Based Cryptography (IBC) and offers data authentication, data integrity, and data confidentiality services to both eponymous and anonymous users, and develops a proof-of-concept implementation.

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If entire work of the police department shifts to cloud computing environment then it will be very helpful for police department as they can to concentrate more on their duties and reduce their time to solve any case.

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Increased computerisation results in more effective crime-fighting - but only if police work is reorganised to take advantage of the presence of computers. That is the central conclusion of a study

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New technological innovations have been developed to prevent crime and to improve the performance of the police, but we know remarkably little about how and why certain innovations are adopted, and

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