Mobile Learning in Higher Education for The Industrial Revolution 4.0: Perception and Response of Physics Practicum

  title={Mobile Learning in Higher Education for The Industrial Revolution 4.0: Perception and Response of Physics Practicum},
  author={Darmaji and Dwi Agus Kurniawan* and Astalini Astalini and Artha Lumbantoruan and Sofia Christine Samosir},
  journal={Int. J. Interact. Mob. Technol.},
Mobile learning is the use of technology in the learning process using tablets, PCs or smartphones. Online based mobile learning provides opportunities for students to study anytime and anywhere. The use of a website as a learning media gives users broad access without downloading additional applications that are burdensome to the device. Therefore, the perception of physics education students is needed on the use of mobile learning in basic physics practicum II at Universitas Jambi. This study… 

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