Mobile Computing: Predictive Connection Management with User Input


This paper presents a new scheme for connection management in mobile computing. An eecient connection management scheme can be achieved by pre-allocating network resources, thereby allowing handoos and other connection tasks to be executed with complete performance transparency even for network intense applications such as multimedia. Unfortunately, the process of predicting the path of base stations through which a mobile host will pass is error prone. This means that performance transparency may be lost and undue costs may be incurred by the mobile user. The practicality of the scheme presented in this paper arises because users of mobile hosts know their geographical location/destinations. This information can be exploited to improve path prediction with little input from the user. For users who are willing to be involved in path prediction at the start of a trip, our scheme can prepare to use the necessary network resources at a very early stage in the connection. Other users can still beneet from our approach if it is used when prediction rst fails. At this time, the user's normal course of work is interrupted and thus the user is \free" (and motivated) to provide the needed input to the prediction process.

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