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Mobile Computing: Principles, Devices and Operating Systems

  title={Mobile Computing: Principles, Devices and Operating Systems},
  author={Masoud S. Nosrati and Ronak Karimi and Hojat Allah Hasanvand and Shaneh Branch},
This paper will have a survey on mobile computing. It involves software, hardware and mobile communication. Due to this, different types of mobile devices are talked and they are investigated in details. Then, existing operation systems that are most popular for mentioned devices are talked. Limitations of mobile computing is another issue that is concerning in this study. Key word: Mobile computing, mobile devices, mobile operating systems 
Security in Mobile Computing: Attack Vectors, Solutions, and Challenges
This survey paper reviews the state-of-the-art technologies for the security of mobile computing and identifies the various types of attack vectors particularly designed to infect mobile devices and highlights the available security solution to counter each type of attack. Expand
Today, people have recognized that the communication data access should not be the ultimate goal of Mobile Phone. Mobile Computing and the ability to support cooperative work on mobile terminals areExpand
A Comparative Study of Mobile Operating Systems with Special Emphasis on Android OS
In today’s world, everybody from a lay man to an industrialist is using a mobile phone. Therefore, it becomes a challenging factor for the mobile industries to provide best features and easy to useExpand
A Study on Smartphone based Operating System
At present there are many mobile phones operating systems available in the market but mobile phones with android OS have now become domestic product which was once extravagant product. The reasonExpand
A Survey of Mobile Computing Devices and Sensors in Healthcare Applications: Real-Time System Design
As smartphones become ubiquitous, their use as health monitors should become commonplace and mobile computing devices and sensors in healthcare applications are surveyed. Expand
A comparative scrutiny of smartphone Operating Systems
:  Nowadays, a variety of mobile phones with different operating systems are available in the market but mobile phones with android OS have now become indigenous product which was once extravagantExpand
Cross Platform Development tools for mobile applications, a performance and cost evaluation
Since the introduction of smart-phones, cellular phones have changed from relatively simple communication devices to becoming more akin to small computers in their own right.The smart-phone market isExpand
Optimizing performance and fault tolerance through cloud based adaptive replication for mobile applications
The emphasis is to improve and optimize the performance and fault tolerance characteristics of mobile applications by method of replicating their resources or computation on cloud platform at back end. Expand
A Tablet PC-based Monitoring System for Oceanic Applications
This paper compensates the existing monitoring system by using mobile computers such as a tablet PC-based monitoring system that enables one to monitor and control remote oceanic applications at any time and any place where it is possible to access the Internet. Expand
Investigation on the Revolution and Need of Energy Efficient Smartphone Development
The mobile batteries are analyzed and the clear picture of their deficiency and the revolution of capacity from Lead acid to Li-Ion are given and the importance of energy efficient Apps developments from various perspectives are stated. Expand


The invention of the first wearable computer
  • E. Thorp
  • Computer Science
  • Digest of Papers. Second International Symposium on Wearable Computers (Cat. No.98EX215)
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The first wearable computer was conceived in 1955 by the author to predict roulette, culminating in a joint effort at M.I.T. with Claude Shannon in 1960-61. The final operating version was rested inExpand
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