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MobiDis: Toward a Patient Centric Healthcare Information System

  title={MobiDis: Toward a Patient Centric Healthcare Information System},
  author={Fabrizio L. Ricci and Luca-Dan Serbanati},
  journal={Studies in health technology and informatics},
  • Fabrizio L. Ricci, Luca-Dan Serbanati
  • Published in MIE 2005
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Studies in health technology and informatics
  • The paper presents some results of the MobiDis project. MobiDis is an information system that includes healthcare consumers and providers in a unique, virtual organisation aimed at promoting a patient centric paradigm in healthcare. It allows logons from desktop or laptop computers, as well as wireless PDAs or tablet PCs connected to Internet. In MobiDis the clinical data of each consumer are stored in the consumer's virtual healthcare record (VHR), a highly structured entity that exists on the… CONTINUE READING

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