Mo Yan as Humorist

  title={Mo Yan as Humorist},
  author={Alexander C. Y. Huang},
  journal={World Literature Today},
These days I can point out an Audi a Mercedes, a BMW, and a Toyota; I also know all about U.S. space shuttles and Soviet aircraft carriers. But at the time, I was a donkey, a 1958 donkey. This strange object, with its four rubber wheels, was clearly faster than me, at least on level ground. Allow me to repeat Mo Yan's comment: A goat can scale a tree, a donkey is a good climber. ?Mo Yan, Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out (2006) 
Samsara, Karma, and Self-Enlightenment: A Buddhist Perspective on Mo Yan's Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out
Buddhism may best be defined as a path of practice and spiritual improvement leading to insight into the true nature of reality. Buddhist beliefs and practices intend to change individuals so as to