Mössbauer-spectroscopic Characterization of the Local Surrounding ofTinDopantCations in theBulkandon theSurface ofYCrO3 Crystallites

  • Mikhail I. Afanasova, Alain Wattiauxb, Christine Labrugèreb, Pavel B. Fabritchnyia, Claude Delmasb
  • Published 2011


119Sn Mössbauer spectra of tin-doped YCrO3, obtained by annealing in air of an YCr(Sn)0.003(OH)6·xH2O precursor, provide evidence for the location of Sn4+ on the Cr3+ site in the bulk of crystallites. Below the Néel point of YCrO3 (TN = 141 K), Sn4+ ions are spinpolarized, the majority exhibiting a hyperfine field H of 80 kOe at 4.2 K. Analysis of the 119Sn… (More)


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