Mmp for Moduli of Sheaves on K 3 S via Wall-crossing : Nef and Movable Cones , Lagrangian Fibrations

  title={Mmp for Moduli of Sheaves on K 3 S via Wall-crossing : Nef and Movable Cones , Lagrangian Fibrations},
  author={Arend Bayer and E. Macr{\`i} and A BSTRACT},
We use wall-crossing with respect to Bridgeland stability conditions to systematically study the birational geometry of a moduli space M of stable sheaves on a K3 surface X: (a) We describe the nef cone, the movable cone, and the effective cone of M in terms of the Mukai lattice of X . (b) We establish a long-standing conjecture that predicts the existence of a birational Lagrangian fibration on M whenever M admits an integral divisor class D of square zero (with respect to the Beauville… CONTINUE READING
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