Mizoribine: A New Approach in the Treatment of Renal Disease

  title={Mizoribine: A New Approach in the Treatment of Renal Disease},
  author={Yukihiko Kawasaki},
  booktitle={Clinical & developmental immunology},
Mizoribine (MZB) is an imidazole nucleoside and an immunosuppressive agent. The immunosuppressive effect of MZB has been reported to be due to the inhibition of DNA synthesis in the S phase of the cell cycle. Because of its relative lack of toxicity, during the past decade MZB has been frequently used instead of azathioprine as a component of immunosuppressive drug regimens. MZB is being used to treat renal transplantation patients, IgA nephropathy, lupus erythematosus, and childhood nephrotic… CONTINUE READING