Miz1 is required to maintain autophagic flux.

  title={Miz1 is required to maintain autophagic flux.},
  author={Elmar Wolf and Anneli Gebhardt and Daisuke Kawauchi and Susanne Walz and Bj{\"o}rn von Eyss and Nicole Wagner and Christoph Renninger and Georg Krohne and Esther Asan and Martine F Roussel and Martin Eilers},
  journal={Nature communications},
Miz1 is a zinc finger protein that regulates the expression of cell cycle inhibitors as part of a complex with Myc. Cell cycle-independent functions of Miz1 are poorly understood. Here we use a Nestin-Cre transgene to delete an essential domain of Miz1 in the central nervous system (Miz1(ΔPOZNes)). Miz1(ΔPOZNes) mice display cerebellar neurodegeneration characterized by the progressive loss of Purkinje cells. Chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing and biochemical analyses show that Miz1… CONTINUE READING


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