Miyoshianines A and B, two new lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia miyoshiana.

  title={Miyoshianines A and B, two new lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia miyoshiana.},
  author={X. Tong and Chang-Heng Tan and X. Ma and Bao-De Wang and Shan-hao Jiang and D. Zhu},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={69 6},
Two new Lycopodium alkaloids, miyoshianines A and B, together with five known alkaloids, lycopodine, lycodoline, 12-epilycodoline, clavolonine, and flabelliformine, were isolated from Huperzia miyoshiana (Makino) Ching (Huperziaceae). Their structures were determined by means of spectroscopic techniques. 
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