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Miyapma: Traditional Narratives of the Thulung Rai

  title={Miyapma: Traditional Narratives of the Thulung Rai},
  author={Nicholas J. Allen},
Trees, Birds and Other Non-Humans Mythological Entanglements with Landscape, Flora, Fauna and Spirits of the Himalayas
  • Davide Torri
  • Philosophy
    1 | 2 | 2021 Humanities, Ecocriticism and Multispecies Relations. Proceedings (part I)
  • 2021
his paper takes into account ideas about landscape and environment as they emerge from the study of beliefs, mythology and ritual activities of religious specialists of the Himalayan region, showing
Mangsukas Indigenous Knowledge Heritage in Yamphu Community: An Estranged Transformative Learning Space
Based on a critical ethnographic research tradition, this paper explores how Mangsuk as an indigenous institution represents a space for cultural-self and relational knowing in the Yamphu indigenous