Mixture of new sulfated steroids functions as a migratory pheromone in the sea lamprey

  title={Mixture of new sulfated steroids functions as a migratory pheromone in the sea lamprey},
  author={P. Sorensen and J. Fine and Vadims Dvornikovs and C. Jeffrey and F. Shao and Jizhou Wang and L. A. Vrieze and Kari R Anderson and T. Hoye},
  journal={Nature Chemical Biology},
  • P. Sorensen, J. Fine, +6 authors T. Hoye
  • Published 2005
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature Chemical Biology
  • The sea lamprey is an ancient, parasitic fish that invaded the Great Lakes a century ago, where it triggered the collapse of many fisheries1. Like many fishes, this species relies on chemical cues to mediate key aspects of its life, including migration and reproduction2,3. Here we report the discovery of a multicomponent steroidal pheromone that is released by stream-dwelling larval lamprey and guides adults to spawning streams. We isolated three compounds with pheromonal activity (in… CONTINUE READING
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