Mixoma de átrio esquerdo provocando infarto agudo do miocárdio

  title={Mixoma de {\'a}trio esquerdo provocando infarto agudo do mioc{\'a}rdio},
  author={Enoch B. S. Meira and Chih Liang Ho and Milton M Santos Filho and Jo{\~a}o Pimenta},
A 66-year-old male patient had an acute inferior wall myocardial infarction 55 days prior to the admission to the hospital. Echocardiogram and cardiac catheterization disclosed a tumor of the left atrium and the coronary arteriography was normal. The tumor was surgically removed and pathological examination revealed it to be a myxoma. In the absence of other etiologic possibilities, left atrial myxoma was considered the main hypothesis with the development of thrombi and coronary embolization. 


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