Mixing HOL and Coq in Dedukti (Extended Abstract)

  title={Mixing HOL and Coq in Dedukti (Extended Abstract)},
  author={Ali Assaf and Rapha{\"e}l Cauderlier},
We use Dedukti as a logical framework for interoperability. We use automated tools to translate different developments made in HOL and in Coq to Dedukti, and we combine them to prove new results. We illustrate our approach with a concrete example where we instantiate a sorting algorithm written in Coq with the natural numbers of HOL. 

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Zenon is intended to be the dedicated prover of the Focal environment, an objectoriented algebraic specification and proof system, which is able to produce OCaml code for execution and Coq code for certification.

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The importer works by replaying proofs within Isabelle/HOL that have been recorded in HOL 4 or HOL-light and is therefore completely safe and facilitates a true integration of imported theorem and theorems that are already available in Isabelle /HOL.

A Shallow Embedding of Resolution and Superposition Proofs into the λΠ-Calculus Modulo

  • G. Burel
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2013
This work provides a shallow embedding of resolution and superposition proofs in the λΠ-calculus modulo, thus offering a way to check these proofs in a trusted setting, and to combine them with other proofs.