Mixed nerve action potentials in acquired demyelinating polyneuropathy.

  title={Mixed nerve action potentials in acquired demyelinating polyneuropathy.},
  author={Carlos A Luciano and R. W. Gilliatt and Robin A Conwit},
  journal={Muscle & nerve},
  volume={18 1},
Uncertainty about motor and sensory contributions in abnormal nerves has limited the use of mixed nerve action potentials (MNAPs). We recorded MNAPs in 21 patients with an acquired demyelinating neuropathy, 18 age-matched control subjects, and 10 patients with an axonal polyneuropathy. Bipolar and unipolar recordings from median and ulnar nerves were made above the elbow after electrical stimulation of the nerves at the wrist. Antidromic digital sensory action potentials and motor conduction… CONTINUE READING