Mixed languages as autonomous systems

  title={Mixed languages as autonomous systems},
  author={Y. Matras and Peter Bakker},
The effect of language contact on Romance verbal paradigms: an empirical survey
Rather than conveying morphosyntactic meaning, conjugation classes determine how such properties are expressed. Conjugation classes are therefore ‘ornamental’ properties of language and clearly not
Language switching constraints: more than syntax? Data from Media Lengua*
This study investigates the relationship between intra-sentential codeswitching restrictions after subject pronouns, negative elements, and interrogatives and language-specific syntactic structures.
Case-Marking in Contact: The development and function of case morphology in Gurindji Kriol
This book aims to advance the understanding of how mixed languages evolve by introducing a substantial corpus from a newly-described mixed language, Gurindji Kriol, by focusing on one structural aspect of Gurindjee KriOL, case morphology, which is from Gurindiji, but functions in ways that differ from its source.
Mixed languages: From core to fringe
Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 1 – Methodological considerations
Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 2 – Methodological considerations
Bilingual speech in Jaru–Kriol conversations: Codeswitching, codemixing, and grammatical fusion
  • Josua Dahmen
  • Linguistics
    International Journal of Bilingualism
  • 2021
Aims and objectives: Language contact in the Yaruman community of Western Australia has led to prevalent bilingual practices between the endangered language Jaru and the creole language Kriol. This
Evidentiality in Selibu
Selibu is a Mandarin-Khams Tibetan mixed language with about 900 native speakers in northwest Yunnan, People’s Republic of China. As a Form-Semantics mixed language, it derives most of its lexicon
Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 3 – Contact languages and translanguaging
  • A. Andrason
  • Linguistics
    Studia Linguistica Universitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis
  • 2021
This study examines the idiolect of Сашко – a hyper-multilingual global nomad whose language repertoire draws on forty languages, ten of which he speaks with native or native-like proficiency. By
Avaipa, a Language of Central Bougainville
Abstract:This work presents initial data from Avaipa, a previously undocumented language of central Bougainville. In the sparse literature that exists on this variety, it is anecdotally described as