Mixed glioma and rhabdomyosarcoma in brain of a wild deer.

  title={Mixed glioma and rhabdomyosarcoma in brain of a wild deer.},
  author={Myron A. Holscher and David L. Page and Martin G. Netsky and H. David Powell},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={14 6},
Tumors of the central nervous system occur in the horse, cow, pig, cat, dog, chicken and laboratory rats and mice, but there are few reports of these tumors in other mammals [2, 8, 91. We found an unusual brain tumor in a wild deer and suggest a new concept for the pathogenesis of tumors that arise in the nervous system and contain muscle. A young adult female white-tailed wild deer was found wandering in a wooded area of Tennessee. She was weak and dazed and died 24 hours later. The deer was… CONTINUE READING